Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Happenings

This Fall DJ was excited to have a successful bear hunt. He and his dad went with some hound dogs near our cabin and treed a bear. Needless to say, this was an exhilerating experience. Now DJ is going to have to learn to love bear-burgers!

Zach is playing football at Stapley Jr. High this fall. He plays quarterback and defensive back. It keeps him really busy and he is learning what it means to "run for your life"!

Sarah graduated from BYU last April and is now adored by her 2nd grade students at Mesa Franklin Charter. Her students love her and will do anything for her. She not only loves teaching for the satisfaction it brings, but she also loves teaching for the $$$ it brings and helps her make payments on her 07 Honda Accord.

Josh is having a wonderful experience serving the Lord in Portland, Oregon. He is now a Zone Leader and as you can tell, he gets a lot of respect when he wears his "sponge bob" apron! In his last email he ended with, "who lives in a pineapple under the sea?......Joshbob!" We are glad that he is happy in his service and still is the Josh we know and love. We miss him!

Joe and Jenny have been busy this fall going in and out of emergency rooms and hospitals. Tatum has had a couple of episodes where she scared her parents and loved ones. She has been through a lot, but as you can see she is doing well and able to smile in the face of adversity.

Heidi and Mike spent part of their summer in the white mountains with Mike working a rotation with a doctor in Showlow. They were able to live at our cabin and visit Grandma and Grandpa Taylor frequently. Grandma Taylor loved playing with Jamie and Jamie knew exactly where Grandma stored her cookies! They loved the cool weather and enjoyed taking time to smell the flowers.

Doug and Patty are getting used to the idea that our family is growing up and moving out. We are glad when we can get together and enjoy each other's company. We are proud of each of them and love being a grandma and grandpa....and especially the hugs and kisses from our grand daughters! It doesn't get better than that!